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Ekengård:  Tveta 17            731 96        Himmeta in Köping  Tel. 0046 (0)22133218

       To play Golf in Sweden

The golf season starts in Sweden as in other european countries, from early spring to late autumn and who remains in the southern parts of Sweden; will experience  practically always cloudless skies and pleasant golf temperatures in the summer months.

Sweden has a continental climate and thus stable summers! It is a great misunderstanding that this country because of the  northerly location , would have summers with a lot of rain and low sun; nothing could be further from the truth!

How to play Golf in Sweden?

Although Swedish golf courses require a membership for most facilities, a *holiday-golfer* can make quit easily a reservation on the tee at the most Swedish golf courses . Unlike golf courses in other countries, which are generally only accessible to members, are golf courses in Sweden open for daily greenfee guests.

Golf is in Sweden,- that counts more than 300 golf courses-, strong on the rise. You'll find Championship courses as Kungsängen GC at Stockholm and Halmstad GC on the West Coast. Given the geography and topography of Sweden is this country blessed with golf landscapes. Courses situated at a rough coast-line and others situated in the forests. In Sweden are the golf courses really part of the overall landscape. They merge seamlessly into the surrounding nature. You could even spot  a moose or other wildlife while playing golf.....

An another great advantage of playing golf in Sweden is the fact that it is still not so busy on the green, You will not feel rushed, but so really relaxed when you are playing golf!  You can even have a pause for a moment, the courses are very well maintained, the Swedish are very friendly, in short all the ingredients for a top Golf vacation!

Ekengård and Golf

Ekengård is situated at the intersection of 2 provinces; Västmanland and Örebro-County, close to the E18 and E20. You can find 14 golf courses in Västmanland and the one in Västerås is appointed to the second-best course in Sweden! This place can be reached by car within half an hour. Around Västerås are situated even 8 other courses. Örebro-County has 13 golf courses, so we can draw the conclusion that within a short driving distance the choice of 27 courses can be made. The nearest courses are those of Köping and Arboga; reachable within 10 minutes. In short, Ekengård is for the Golf enthusiast * the place to be*!  Playing golf during the day and relax in the luxurious accommodation at night.