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Ekengård:  Tveta 17            731 96        Himmeta in Köping  Tel. 0046 (0)22133218
Many  excursions opportunities:

The surroundings of Köping and Arboga offer many opportunities for a day out or play sports. There are swimming pools, Golf courses, hiking routes, but also many fishing-,swimming- and boatexcursions at the Hjälmaren lake.

Arboga, a very charming historical city with a rich history between lake Mälaren and Hjälmaren is really worth a visit.

How about visiting one of the many castles near Västerås.....or the car-museum in Köping. In Sala can you find a very interesting silver mine and you can peddle in a canoe a little bit further away at Svartadalen.
Even a bird- or wildlifesafari belong to possible activities in Västmannland.

Örebro is a very nice old city where you can shop, in the old town or in Mariebergcity a big new shoppingmall.
In Örebro you can find an indoorplayground and the open air museum Wadköping.

A beautiful Zoo you can find in Eskilstuna.
In between these interesting places you will experience the beautiful Swedish nature and the mostly in Falunred (from the Falun coppermine) painted houses and the typically Swedish architecture.

There is more, a lot more, too much to mention. You do not have to be bored a second...
But when you do not want to do anything; just enjoy the silence and the nature around your holidayhouse and experience the quietness which is becoming scarce nowadays...
STOCKHOLM: It is very easy to reach the Capital Stockholm from your accomodation. By train from Köping or Arboga (both 10 minutes away) can you travel to the heart of this amazing city in 75 minutes.
Or simply by car; within 1.5 hours will you reach this easily accessible city.

ADVICE:   Of course we can help you at all times with information about planning a trip.