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                 Who are we?

We are Anita and Hans Eken and we moved with our 3 children from the Netherlands to Sweden in December 2008.
In our opinion the perfect place to experience the Swedish sense of nature, rest and silence...and at the same time to have the possibility to visit places like Örebro and Västerås, but especially the Capital Stockholm.

We invite you to look at our website and experience the same Swedish feeling.
You can enjoy it in our holiday houses!

Ekengård:  Tveta 17            731 96        Himmeta in Köping  Tel. 0046 (0)22133218
A special holiday in an unique environment and in a very special luxurious house.
Located in Västmanland, very central, close to Köping and the historical place Arboga.
Arboga is situated at the river Arbogaån and has a long way back history; from the Stone Age till
a 'trade' city with the first Swedish parliament in 1435.

A fantastic location in the middle of the beautiful Swedish nature; rest, space, silence at a lovely creek and besides this nearby the intersection of the major highways; the E18 and E20.
A fast connection to  the east (Stockholm) and to the west (Göteborg) is no problem at all!